Peer Review Policy

Peer review by expert academics is an integral part of scientific publishing. 

Submitted manuscripts that pass the initial assessment of the conference editors are assigned a manuscript editor that manages the remainder of the peer-review process. These manuscript editors are selected by the conference editor-in-chief from among the expert academics who are usually in the organizing committee of the conference and who are also experienced in the manuscript’s scientific field. Manuscript editors, in turn, invite potential reviewers to evaluate the quality, originality and impact of the manuscript. A manuscript may undergo several revisions before its final version. 

Depending on the conference, single blind (where reviewers know the name of the authors, but authors do not know the name of the reviewers), or double blind (reviewer and author names are anonymous for each other, the manuscript is blinded for peer review) may be used when conducting peer review. 

Based on the review reports and their own judgement, editors may eventually decide whether or not the article is suitable for publication. 

For more information on the peer review policy of the conference, please visit the conference website.